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It took a long time, but now I was finally able to deal sufficiently with the BGVP DMG, which was showered with premature praise.

Such praise can be a curse and a blessing, as it usually arouses expectations that have to be fulfilled first. One often takes a more critical approach to the whole thing and thus assumes that a good in-ear also makes mistakes which are not so much to one's liking with other, previously unknown in-ears. Of course you will also get an in-ear that is simply overhyped. Not so with the DMG, which like the Kanas Pro quickly conquered my heart.


First of all, it's amazing how BGVP has managed to accommodate 6 drivers (2*DD & 4*BA) in this comparatively compact housing. The wearing comfort and ergonomic fit offered here is already great cinema! 12 Points for BGVP 😉
In addition we get a full metal housing, which is perfectly processed, i.e. without gap dimensions or quirks and has an independent design.

Included in delivery are a pair of foam tips, 3 different types of silicone tips in 3 sizes, two additional, exchangeable filters (the reference filter is already pre-assembled), a cable clip and a silver-plated, robust and very smooth cable (MMCX).

The isolation is excelent, but at high volume some of the sound penetrates to the outside.


Since the BGVP DMG can be equipped with different filters, the main part of my review revolves around the sound with the reference filters, which are always the same as the case color. In addition, there is a bass filter (gold) and a treble filter (silver). However, my hearing doesn't seem to be sensitive enough to detect large differences between the individual filters.

Hallelujah, the bass can not only "shoot", which of course is also one of his skills, but also dissolve it accurately, highlight single bass notes and reveal fine details. He is able to control the high and low bass frequencies without any problems and thus covers the whole range sustainably. However, he feels most comfortable in the midbass, where he develops a good punch that might frighten some bass sensitive people. I really enjoy it, because it doesn't only rumble like I said, or not at all, but always stays clean despite the impact.

The bass is powerful, but I don't think that it gives the mids an unnatural colouring, or pushes them too hard. The mids are very lively and clear. They lack neither body nor assertiveness, despite the obvious V-signature. This is far more balanced than one would expect, so that you do not have to worry about missing something or getting a distorted sound. The mids sound full, and dissolve very well. Female voices are somewhat better than male ones, which also benefit from the full body and the bass influence. I can't make out any gross unnaturalness in the midrange at all.

The treble is just as much a matter of taste as the bass with the DMG. They are extremely detailed. Definition, speed and airiness are typical for good BAs, which the DMG definitely has under the hood. The highs are also most influenced by the respective filters.
In general, the highs radiate a lot of brilliance and energy and give the DMG that certain something. Sibilants and peaks can rarely occur, but you quickly get used to the bright sound and quickly immerse yourself in the music due to the good resolution and three-dimensionality. Personally, I rarely or never have any problems with the high frequencies of the DMG, but surely it will be different for some.

Separation and stage are excellent with the DMG. A lot happens here on different layers and you quickly get lost in individual details or instrumental passages. Definitely the sound is also outside the head and so provides an airy and exciting listening experience.

Silver filter: The bass appears a bit tighter and the BAs get more attention, which makes the DMG sound clearer. However, this is very subjective and really not a big audible difference.

Gold filter: It gets a little clearer here. The bass remains unchanged from the reference filter, but the sound is warmer because the treble is somewhat dampened, but still remains clear and detailed. Here you can easily prevent unwanted peaks, but also lose some brilliance.

Basically, I'll stick to the fact that the filters don't have too much influence on the sound, because the signature remains the same.


With the DMG, BGVP has brought out an audiophile all-rounder that is also very affordable for what it does. It is nobly crafted, has a superb wearing comfort and a defined, clear, albeit bass accentuated sound. The sound penetration to the outside provides something for point deduction in handling. The bass meets all my requirements and also the treble despite the slight emphasis on the sibilants. In the mids there are slight deductions in the B-note, because male voices could be a bit more powerful. The DMG joins the CCA C16 and the TIN AUDIO T2 in the overall ranking and is thus in best company! Clear recommendation to buy!








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